FourSight®   PROFILE

An Integrator

Michael’s FourSight® thinking (innovation) profile is that of an “Integrator”. Integrators take a very even keel approach to all of the breakthrough thinking processes of a “Clarifier”, “Ideator”, “Developer”, and “Implementer”.

  • Clarifiers do their homework.

    Clarifiers approach a challenge by grounding it in reality, digging through data and asking clarifying questions to get a clear understanding. They move forward cautiously and systematically, making sure the right challenge is being addressed. Clarifiers keep innovation on target.

  • Ideators think big.

    Ideators see things in global terms. They are fluent, flexible thinkers with an intuitive approach to problem solving that often baffles others. They enjoy playing with possibilities, seeking novelty and imagining the future. Ideators keep the ideas coming.

  • Developers get things right.

    Developers know what it takes to turn a great idea into a viable solution. It takes time and deliberation to analyze, optimize and improve the idea by developing abstract structures, plans and systems that will allow it to thrive. They build the blueprints of innovation.

  • Implementers get the job done.

    Implementers are blessed with a bias for action. They approach a challenge by looking for what can be done. Now. They drive action and results, confident that they can learn as they go. They are the engines of innovation.

Integrators’ energies stay rather steady as they focus on the facts, identify the challenge to address, entertain a plethora of ideas, refine those ideas and finally put them into practice. For this reason they can be very flexible and easily accommodate whatever the task requires. Given their flexibility, they can be very good team players, finding it easy to work with people who have different profiles.

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